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My 2020 Goals

Last updated Jan 3, 2020

As for everyone, the new year is the best time to set new goals and, for me this year, is the perfect time to start writing something on my new website!

It took a while before having it up and running, mainly because I always want to start everything from scratch, even projects that are far too long and complicated. In this case, I know HTML and CSS, but creating colour palettes and graphical design is not really my bread and butter, so to say.

Finally, I settled on using Academic, a super nice theme for the Hugo templating language. I really fell in love with this theme because it has almost every feature I wanted, especially the one required to highlight information in the Notes section. If you too are undecided on how to create your personal website (and you don’t need very complex UI design), I would highly recommend the Hugo/Academic pair.

But I am wandering off, let’s go back to the main topic of this post.

# My Goals for 2020

I am always interested in almost everything… I mean, really, quite everything, and in fact, I have started lots of side projects…

… of which I completed… 0.

For this reason, in 2020 I will try to stick to a low number of goals, and I will publicly account for them here, on this website. So, let’s dive into the goals of 2020.

# Improve development skills in C and Python

I love sitting behind a computer creating pages of code, it is really relaxing for me (at least when things are working). The problem is that I still don’t feel really fluent in Python, and I am still missing some fundamental concepts and skills in embedded C development.

Since both of these skills are important in my work (and very important in the work market nowadays), I have decided to strengthen them during the year. These are the associated goals:

# Complete the deep learning course and start a personal project

This goal is strictly related to the previous one. Artificial intelligence is one of the hottest topics of the last few years and it is opening tons of new possibilities in a plethora of fields. I want to delve completely into this world. Since Python is a central language for AI, this is also the opportunity to stick to the previous goal.

# Increase income with a side project business

Even though the thing I enjoy the most is programming, I am always attracted by the creation of objects, especially if this creation can be automated. I have a couple of small side-business idea that I would like to develop in 2020, and they include 3D printing and CNC machining. Stick around if you want to see more.

# Improve tea knowledge and tasting

I don’t want to improve only in “technical” skills. Tea is another great passion of mine, and I would really like to improve both in tea tasting and tea knowledge in general.

# Constantly update this website

I want this website to be the hub of every piece of my work and I will constantly update it with useful information (I hope). I will be especially active in updating the Notes section, which I prefer instead of writing random posts on some topics. I will also complete the site customization.

# Conclusion

This is the end of my first post. I have to admit that it was quite hard writing a post so personal. Let’s hope accounting will help to stick to my goals and that future posts will be more consistent.

Happy 2020!