Journey to Engineering

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Ciao! 👋 My name is Damiano Lodi. I am a software engineer at 255 Labs.

This is my personal website. With time, I will populate it with notes about topics that I find interesting. Generally speaking, you will find notes and projects related to software engineering (C++/embedded mostly), productivity and project management. I will probably add some content covering my other hobbies (nowadays carnivorous plants and tea).

The website will be loosely inspired by digital gardens: notes will be linked to each other, but I will write them knowing that the reader is external. There are 3 ways to explore content: (1) clicking on interesting links starting from the entry points, (2) browsing posts chronologically and (3) searching keywords through the search icon. Your choice.

If you have some feedback on what you read (or if you spot any error), feel free to reach me via email or LinkedIn.